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Who is Voyager Media Group?

Voyager Media Group is the parent company of VOYR the premier community empowering creators and fans. Our platform is changing the way creators and fans interact while enabling an entirely new economic model that rewards all who participate.
Voyager Media Group is a company that believes in the equality of all human beings and that each and every human should have the opportunity to become whomever they choose to be. Empowerment is what drives us. Providing a platform to empower creators to choose who they want to be for their fans and be rewarded. To empower the fans to show their love and affection towards the art the artist that create the art they love through rewards within the platform as well as the VOYR token.
Creating our own token gives us the ability to provide incentives in a novel way never before seen on a social platform, democratizing the content and giving control back to the creators of the art instead of the artists being beholden to someone else. Art is about being free and expressing who you are in a safe and rewarding environment.

We are an Inclusive Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer

Voyager Media Group is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer that prohibits discrimination against anyone on any pretext. We respect the equality of every human being (irrespective of gender, religion, caste, ethnicity, color, age, physical disability, etc) while considering a candidate before, during and after employment.


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