Security Architect
As an Architect in the Security Team, you’ll be a part of and help lead initiatives that directly impact work across our core business functions in all business lines. Much of what we need must be built and much of what we have needs to be refined. You will be the go-to person navigating complex technical security problems, ultimately building and leading some of the firm’s most important security tools. The ability to cultivate a solid working relationship with our core product engineering team and others including compliance and legal is a must.
  • Proven, hands-on technical experience building designing and building security solutions in hyper growth companies or business units
  • History of increasingly strategic and technical roles responsible day-to-day technical execution of security technologies and implementation
  • Experience in security operations, engineering, architecture, or similar in large retailers, financial services, healthcare or complementary industries is critical
  • Equally comfortable mapping processes to identifying automation and security/fraud risk reduction opportunities as providing strategic consultation to senior management while distilling highly complex problems into easily understood, business-focused risks
  • Partnering with business stakeholders to truly understand what and how the company runs and proactively identifying areas where security tools can be implemented or existing tools enhanced to minimize business risk, and ideally, drive business value
  • Experience managing globally distributed security and engineering projects is crucial for long-term success in this role
  • Knowledge of cryptocurrencies, financial services, and blockchain technology are a must- if you don’t have this but your security knowledge is top notch, don’t worry, we can teach you if you’re willing to learn
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