HR Operations
Are you ready to make a difference? We are seeking an HR Manager to join the Team. This position has a strong relationship with the Leadership team and must be able to understand business issues and bring solutions that advance the greater interests of the business.
Human Resources Manager will oversee recruitment and retention, onboarding, employee relations, compliance, training, payroll, compensation, safety, and benefits. Maintains and updates employee records, various reports, and provides employee coaching on work related matters.
The primary duties of the HR Manager include:
  • Understands, follows and enforces all established safety, health, quality and Company policies, procedures and recognized practices.
  • Responsible for recruitment, selection and retention of employees. Partners with Leadership in maintaining staffing levels to budget.
  • Processes the weekly payroll.
  • Interprets and applies company policies, benefits, practices, procedures, programs and applicable laws.
  • Responsible for the investigation and administration of worker compensation claims, record keeping, and documentation.
  • Maintains records and compiles reports concerning personnel related data such as hires, turnover, employee programs, performance appraisals, wage progression.
  • Represents organization at personnel-related hearings and investigations.
  • Plans and coordinates new employee onboarding to foster positive attitude toward organizational objectives.
  • Analyzes training needs to design employee and leadership training and development, including safety programs.
  • Plans and organizes company events
  • Serves as the liaison between management and employees by handling questions and assisting in the resolution of employee related issues.
  • Provides effective guidance and coaching to Leadership, relating to employee concerns, problems, and disciplinary action to comply with company policies.
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